Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Simply Homemade ~ Victorian Greeting Card

 I have been making cards this morning.  One needs to find something quiet and still to do in this heat.  It is entirely too hot to work in the garden.  I rose early this morning to water the garden and discovered that it had rained sometime during the night. I joined the flowers in a happy dance!

I wanted to share this card with you today.  It turned out beautifully.  I love the Victorian look to it.  I didn't want to stamp too much so I just added this silver edged Hello.  The ink I chose is a plum color and I wanted it to be a faint plum image rather than a strong dark one so I barely inked/stamped down on it.

Hope you all are enjoying a cooler summer day whether inside or outside ~ stay hydrated!


  1. It is gorgeous! Wish I had the talent to make cards like this. Something so personal and beautiful in a computerized world.

  2. Your card is beautiful! Perfection!

  3. What a beautiful card! and you are right, the heat is just a bit too much at the moment to be out in the garden :/

  4. Gina, your card turned out beautifully. Well done! Even getting up early, one can't get away from the humidity. Stay cool and keep hydrated!

  5. Beautiful!, love the soft colors and pretty flowers to go with her!
    Isn't it wonderful when it rains overnight!


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